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Hey,with the recent changes to a jungle item(Cinderhulk) i picked up Elise to see how she perform against other junglers and generally what she brings to the team. The skill order i use is R>W>Q>E. However i saw on champion.gg that the highest win % skill order maxes Q first and W second. My jungle masteries are standard 9/21/0. Just so you see how i play her and treat things i wrote below accordingly. ***General things i noticed in her kit while played her:*** - Her human form lacks in damage and visual satisfaction.Especially Neurotoxin.It has a rather bland and visually unappealing animation and projectile. It's current usage also lacks.It has a horrible range and huge manacosts for pitiful damage. By horrible range i mean that when i transform back into human form and try to cast it on the enemy they actually walk out of range because of the basic movement speed in human form.The upcoming change on PBE does not help this either. - Her sticking power in my opinion lacks.There are three spells in her kit that allows chasing the enemy. Cocoon,Rappel and Venomuos Bite.Cocoon is rather easy to dodge at the moment.Rappel's range is really low from what i remember and if i Rappel to the enemy champion by the time i descend down they walk out of range.I don't even.How is this fine at all? I can't rappel to the dragon anymore.Sorry if i sound rude but that's just bullshit. So the only reliable gapclosre she has is Venomus Bite.This is rather bad for a fighter in my opinion. - Her spiderlings die too easily from AoE spells and since her spiderlings provide huge amount of DPS i found this rather troublesome. - The movement speed of Volatile Spiderling.It's already unreliable as hell and doesn't deal huge amount of dmg either. The targeting system is bad or maybe intended.It loses the target if it goes into a bush. I mean yeah it remains true to its name as being unpredictable but it should be better. Also i run into a situation in one of my matches where the enemy Kennen was on low hp at top tower. I casted W,the spider locked on Kennen.However Kennen was able to trick - as you would do to other melees near a tower - the spider's pathing resulting in no kill.It might be an unusual case but it still happened. And if it happened already it will happen more times over time.Would like to see something done about it. - Her dmg output seems low compared to other junglers.This could come from Spiderlings dying too fast. - There is no poison available in her kit which is surprising considering her spider theme. It becomes even more strange looking at the name of her two Q abilities:NeuroTOXIN and VENOMUOS bite. These are the problems i personally found playing with her.I'll try provide some suggestions/solutions to some of the problems i listed above. Here we go: - While Neurotoxin and Venumous bite create a nice couple rounding out each other Neurotoxin could use something more. I tried Mage Elise but the range and mana costs are just bad on this spell to max if first. I suggest do something with the spell.It's just kind of there in her kit.Not satisfying to use at all. Amp up the visual at least. - Cocoon supposedly is getting a projectile speed increase which is nice i guess. For Rappel increase its initial range slightly from 750 to 800.This is when casted on a unit. However the range should increase the more time Elise spends in the air.Similarly how Varus' Q range increase works. This would allow for more juking potential while providing more counterplay by giving more time for the enemy to figure out where Elise will land. - Spiderlings now gain hp based on Elise's HP by a fixed amount or they gain defence.Somehow they should last longer in fights. I understand that they should be killable but you should also understand that the spiderlings provide huge amount of DPS for Elise. The moment they die Elise's dmg output drops by a huge amount. More emphasis should be put on her Rappel,combo ability in her kit and spiderlings in general. What do i mean by combo ability? When you hit one spell then another and you get rewarded with something awesome.Similar thing is what Nidalee has.Throw a spear then leap on the target. I know that Volatile Spiderling will jump on the target upon using Venomuous Bite but i think there should be more combos in Elise kit. This way landing Neurotoxin could be more satisfying. Example: Neurotoxin marks the hit target for x seconds.Hitting the marked target with let's say a Volatile spiderling will result in more damage,bigger impact radius,slow etc. You get the idea. **About Rappel:** Less emphasis should be put on her Cocoon.In fact i would go as far as reducing the stun duration to 1.25 seconds on all levels BUT decrease the cooldown on Rappel by a lot for more juking,gapclosing and for better maneuvering in teamfights in general. **About her spiderlings:** I max W first every time because for me Elise is all about her dealing huge amount of DPS along with her Spiderlings and less about nuking the opponent with %missing hp spell. Therefore i think it would be more appropiate to somehow help the spiderlings survivability. What do you guys think?Sorry for typos.
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