What if Gangplank revolved more on plundering to rebuild his crew and self?

Right now he plunders with his Q, granting him bonus gold and silver serpents on units he kills with said ability. The bonus gold gives him more gold for items and his silver serpents can only be used to upgrade his ultimate. What if he didn't plunder gold with his Q but instead plunders silver serpents and golden krakens to upgrade more than just his ult? He would get silver serpents and when he has enough it automatically gets traded in for a golden kraken which he can trade in for an upgrade. It can just be silver serpents and no golden krakens in case it might be a little confusing. I don't know what upgrades or stuff he would be able to buy. Lore reasoning is he has fallen to the bottom and has to build himself and his crew back. Plundering from others isn't beneath him.

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