Stop pretending Ekko "doesn't have burst" and give his ult a mana cost.

There is no reason for an ASSASSIN to have this much safety. I can deal with his mobility, cc and damage. But unless Ekko falls asleep there is no punishing him after long fights. I would have expected 100 and upwards to 150 mana cost on an ult like this but nope it costs nothing. Because fuck it all. Currently Ekko builds 0 mana items and just spams Q and W all day and if things go bad just R. Maybe if his ult wasn't an aoe tactical nuke it could cost 0 mana but I am not seeing the downsides to his ult at all. Which is the counterplay when you are an Assassin. SOMETHING has a downside in which your enemy can punish you hard with. "Crap I can't use my escape because I spammed all day."
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