Kayle: Smoothing out her laning phase in return for slightly curbing late game power

Following {{champion:10}} gameplay update, she was relegated to a top lane late-game hypercarry position, but even then seems to fail too hard early to even reach her critical level 11 powerspike. By the time you get your auto attacks to be ranged, your lane is almost always lost beforehand and you suffer significant CS difference to pretty much every top laner. Compare this to {{champion:75}} who has a weaker early game but can withstand the melee range harass because of his heavy slow and the large amount of lifesteal (which costs him nothing to sustain with, unlike Kayle's weak heal). Unless your jungler spends almost all of the time in top lane, Nasus is pretty much guaranteed to be a scary threat mid-late game. Kayle, on the other hand, has such a weak presence early game and virtually no way to hold up against the litany of top laners who can steamroll her hard enough early (with relative ease I might add) to prevent her from ever reaching that powerspike before the game is essentially lost unless the rest of our team is hard carrying. My suggestion is to perhaps give her a little more power early so that she can at least survive the role she has been forced into with the update and curb some of the later game nastiness in return. I'm not saying that she shouldn't be a hypercarry, but I am saying that her early game now is worse than Kog'Maw's early game and needs to be addressed for her to actually see play.
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