Doom Bot Lux needs a change.

I understand that Doom Bots are supposed to be insane and unfair. I get that, and overall I love the game mode. The way things currently are, it's crazy difficult to win, but possible. UNLESS there's a Lux Doom Bot. Then, unless you have a perfect team of highly skilled players, you have no chance of winning. The biggest reason for this is that Lux Bot is nearly impossible to lane against. She has her usual snare, yes, but now her E sends out 8-10 snares, which ALSO do damage. So you may be doing well in lane against her at first, but then she throws out the E. The E snares you (and does significant damage), she follows up with her q which snares you again (and does the same damage), she autos which triggers Thunderlord AND her passive, and you're dead before you can even move again. You might say "just git gud and dodge the E snare scrub" which sounds like an obvious solution, until you realize that the snares are so close together at the origin of the blast that it is nearly impossible to dodge them unless you are a good distance away. And after she hits 6, any slight chance you had of surviving is gone, because after the E snare/Q snare combo (which leaves you at half health) she ults, and there's practically no way to dodge that, because you're snared. And even if the snare runs out as she begins to ult, if you flash to one side, you'll most likely still get hit because you'll run into one of the other dozen beams that goes off in a circle around her. The bottom line is that I strongly believe that the Lux Doom Bot needs to be nerfed. I think that reasonable changes could be to either remove the damage from the E snares, or leave the damage but remove the snare, to make the E/Q/Ult combo somewhat avoidable, because as it stands currently, that combo is a guaranteed death. I'm open to anyone else's thoughts on the matter.
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