Unpopular Opinion: It is now more enjoyable to watch league than actually play it.

I took a long break about midway through Season 7 after they gutted ivern and didn't return until about August of this year. When I came back, even as a veteran of the game since season 3, it was literally like learning a new game. Every new champion, and many reworked champions, had tons of mobility and all kinds of annoying things that they could do to you. The runes were confusing, and I quickly ended up just putting champion.gg on favorites to figure out what was useful. The jungle, which was my main position last season, has just not been fun at all. It feels like I am never on an even level as the rest of the game. There isn't a game that goes by where there isn't some champion on the other team which makes myself and my friends just groan just to see them picked. I realize why riot is going this route - it definitely is a lot more fun to watch this type of gameplay. Interesting builds with rune pages and high mobility champions with strange combos make for fun watching. But it just isn't fun anymore. There aren't enough bans available to ban every champ that makes you cringe. And then I hear that riot is announcing another new champion coming out in the preseason - aka another permaban champion until Riot generates enough revenue from the initial skin sales. I get it - why riot is doing this. But it is just disheartening to see the game in the current state. In before get gud
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