DISCLAIMER THIS ROUTE IS NOT OP NO ALL JUNGLERS AND IS MAINLY TARGETED AT 2 TYPES OF JUNGLERS. 1. JUNGLERS WITH HUGE LEVEL 3 POWER SPIKES.2. JUNGLERS THAT ARE RELIANT ON LEVEL 6. Hello ladies and gents carnage here and I believe that I may have discovered the most op jungle clear for junglers with a strong level 3 like my girl Elise what's even better is that this clear can transition into a counter jungle that can help you hit 5 very quickly and thus be one step closer to the level 6 power spike that champs like Eve, Rengar, and Fiddlesticks thrive on here's the path. Level 3 path, start red the burn and slow is important for clearing the rest of the jungle faster while helping you stick to scuttle, go wolves ONLY KILL THE BABY WOLVES. go blue side scuttle, go blue you now have a rather quick level 3 and you can begin ganking or invading. Transition to level 5 clear do the clear above then check the opponents red buff if it's still up wait and be ready to steal it and maybe even kill him after that move on to his chickens, if they're up take them if not go to Krugs and steal them they will be up 90% of the time after Krugs go to your gromp and do a linear (finish wolves, chickens then Krugs) if you were atleast able to steal chickens and Krugs you're now a level 5 after this clear if you also killed him and stole his red you're 6. This is so op and I haven't even seen any high elo streamers doing it yet. I hope this helps any of my jungle brothers and sisters that have been struggling in this latest patch. P.s when invading the enemy jungle don't forget your wards. Good luck on the rift summoners please let me know what you think.
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