i struggle to believe the jungle is difficult to play in current meta.

so that leaves me with the conclusion that the junglers today are just bad, terribly bad. why are they so bad though? someone please explain why. cause i can play jungle, i don't want to, but hey it's so gosh darn ez to just farm some camps and gank a lane (or even just show face it, the game is part cerebral after all) and affect gameplay in all sorts of wonderful ways even if one of my lanes is trying out hashinshin's new darius build against a jayce and feeding his ass off. i can do the jungle when i'm on autofill duty, someone explain to me why every 2nd jungler i come across cannot. it makes no fucking sense, unless i blame role select which people lose their effervescent shit over because role select is supposed to be better than sliced bread. and of course if i say junglers are bad (already have) then junglers get upset, but i've got too much data presenting itself to me wtf do you want me to do with it? either players in general are trash cause they've never ventured into the varied roles league has to present, or junglers are trash because they've never had to lane before and have no clue what type of demands a laner would have of them when presented with x or y scenario cause there's no mental snapshots to reference. i'm sick of it now. the game is probably the best game on the market right now, but tis filled with shitters and they tilt me and they cannot explain why they be so shit. and then the god damn game rides on them. why is my game dependent on a shitter? rito pls, remove role select and reinstate pick order drafts. give us like a 10 second role select window where people can select where they want to go? contests are settled by pick order or diplomacy while bans get made. good things ensue...probably. or maybe it's a nightmare who the fuck knows anymore, people don't even know how jarringly simple the jungle is, i end up having a fucking episode any time i play this role and i'm met with the realisation...once again...that these junglers are all shitters. you know before when you opted to jungle in the pick order days, you knew that the early game was on your shoulders. maybe you would have one lane that's the bees knees, another that feeds, and another that goes even, and it was your responsibility to decide which snowballs to stop or speed up. now folks go into the jungle role wondering how they can path to forget their lanes and the game quality goes to piss. or they give their premade a reacharound, which is honestly worst case scenario for allied team. at least bottle the enemy jungler if you're not gonna interact with your lanes? oh that's right can't do that if you don't touch your lanes cause the enemy jungler will be a lvl ahead, then 2 lvls, then 3. then we don't ff because people are fucking masochists iunno. also revert sejuani ffs, she's just another grossly unsatisfying tank who will win you games on account of becoming an ubermensch ball of stats and being able to stop someone by pressing R in their direction. where is my teamfighting queen of the frozen north? giving the aoe mages all the juicy layups for the wombo's? i can't have that in a world with malphite, amumu, ornn, sion or galio? depressing as fuck rito. honestly. but whatever, sejuani can die if it means we get pick order drafts back, at least we'll get knowledgeable players and quality games back by proxy.
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