Just give Yasuo the Azir treatment, he doesn't need any buffs

**This is a bit of a mess so I'll highlight the parts you would want to see:** **Rant:** Honestly, I'm sick of knowing exactly how to lane against him, he goes 0/6 in lane, and because he knows not to feed the same person he goes to other lanes where the same thing happens every single damn game. When I can't kill him anymore because he's dashing all over the place since his Phantom Dancer has movement speed attached to it, trying to kill other people while avoiding death from the person who's the one one who can kill him and because he has Bloodthirster, it's safe to say his 20% lifesteal can basically be interpreted as 40% lifesteal since he has that damn passive. Last game, when he was backing in a bush, I teleported to a ward behind him and when I was about to use my ultimate he, for some reason, was able to ult somebody AT HIS MAX RANGE. I really don't need to explain every annoying part of his kit but I will say this, every game I'm against a Yasuo no matter how terrible they are, once they reach his two-item spike, he doesn't die. Because he's basically a more versatile Master Yi, he can fit a Blood Thirster, a red buff, if that wasn't enough he can also fit a QSS in there, and Mercury Treads to reduce cc, in his items. He shouldn't be able to have 9 different choices when 3 people from several different directions come to kill him. I just wish this champion would have never been made. I'd rather have Lee Sin be meta for 7 more seasons. _______________ **The Point:** If you didn't get my point and you're thinking "just shut his early game down, or get better", ** I DID, HE DIED 4 TIMES! You don't understand what I'm getting at,** Yasuo is in the same boat now as what Azir once was. He's only played by people who've mastered him to his fullest potential and when he's played perfectly, there's no counterplay, which has been said by COUNTLESS people more times than anyone has said this about Azir, this is why I'm so glad Irelia is getting reworked. Buffing him just puts him right back to what he was in season 6, impossible to kill when mastered AND be able to play brainlessly. He doesn't need to be put in the spotlight any longer, it's time to rework him. What needs to be done is he should only be able to dash a certain amount of times in a given time interval, and that he would hold like 2-6 dashes (based on rank) in a 10 second cooldown window, similar to how Corki can hold 7 missiles at a time, Yasuo should hold a certain amount of dashes rather than infinite, and yes this would most likely mean taking away the 10 cooldown dash on the same unit, or at least reducing it. This would give Yasuo mains time to think if dashing nonsense is really a good idea. If he was in the same situation of being chased by 3 people he would actually have to THINK if using his dashes on two people are really a good idea. It's like how Azir had to COUNT his mana on his Q E and R to engage on a Malzahar with 300 health at level 6.
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