So how do you win these games ? Can someone tell me ?

1st game, I had 2 deaths, my 4 teammates had 27 deaths. Ok. 2nd game, 5 deaths, my 4 teammates 30 deaths. Ok. 3rd game, 2 deaths, the third one is me just trying to kill a zoe before game ends, my team has 21 deaths. "You've been demoted" Wow, thanks rito. I've been playing really bad, so the demotion is justified. So you're gonna tell me I should carry my team when my top laner goes 2/13, bot lane goes 2/15, or the sweet spot both my top laner goes 1/8 and my bot lane 1/11 ? This is a well balanced matchmaking with quality games ? What ? This is **apsolute trash quality.** I didn't have a chance of winning from champ select, it was just me wasting time playing the game out and trying to carry but when the score is 4-25, it's kind of hard , you know ?

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