Braum at 45% WR

I am just wondering why Riot allows champions like Rakan to sit at a 50% WR with a 10% PR, which is insane. Meanwhile Braum sits at a sub 45% WR and hasn't gotten a single relevant buff all season. I would really like to be able to have Braum be a viable pick in solo que. I just don't understand why they allow stuff like Nautilus, Thresh, Pyke and Rakan to run around at 50%+ WR and in some cases, even get small placebo buffs. Meanwhile, Braum has been gutted so much that he now has match-ups that used to be considered Braum favored (Braum as the answer into Rakan MSI 2018), and now most analysts consider it a winning match-up for Rakan. Is there any chance we see him get some love in the near future? It just doesn't make sense to me. I really hate to think that the viewer's experience should have anything to do with what champs they make meta, but its beginning to become a sad realization for me. Regardless, I feel like he is well overdue for some kind of buff. Thanks guys.

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