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Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
Hey everyone, New001, ScuttleChris, and Banksy - product leads on League - here to loop you in on what's next for League of Legends. tl;dr: Riot Pls is an ongoing effort to talk about the future of League of Legends and share lessons we're learning along the way.
> "When it comes to a philosophical stance, however, we do want to be clear: we believe that dynamic queue is closer to representing a healthy, competitive landscape in League of Legends than solo/duo queue." You are joking right? Riot.. I don't even know what you are thinking. Until now, i still had hopes that Dynamic Queue will just end as a failed experiment and the old, **way healthier and better** ranked system would come back. But you guys just confirmed that you actually believe in DynQ no matter what your playerbase thinks. I mean, every day there are minimum 2-3 topics with 100+ upvotes on the front page that list up why DynamicQue is **not healthy** for the game. And i fully agree with every single one of them. It's not worth giving up so many competive aspects of the game just for the possibility to play ranked with friends. As a solo player, the Queue times are too high and you cannot take sup as your secondary role because you instantly get it then. But the main issues are that it simply is not healthy for the game to try to mix premade players with solo players in every possibility. You can see in normals already that this is not ending very well, but now, this is ranked, a Queue that should be taken seriously. The System was perfect before season 6. You had SoloQ for your skills as an actual solo player, And you had Teamranked for your skill as a team. In this system, both had their own rankings. Now, even when you play as a 5 man premade, every player is playing for his own ranking. Skills as a Team and Solo Skill get mixed into one and the same ranking. For example, players that are bad Solo, but good as a 5 men team, end up in a higher league than they could achive as solo players. In the old system, the ranking system was split into 2 different ladders for that, now, both influence the same ladder. This will result that they would get crushed when they play solo and ruin their teammates game. There are waaay more other negative aspects of DynQ that are listed in other discussions, i don't want to list up every single one of them now, you get the point. **DynamicQueue is unhealthy for the game** Riot, you can't tell us that you are not aware of the arguments that speak against DynamicQueue, still you never tried to counter a single one of them. On every topic you just say that you think it is healthy without giving good arguments **why**. Because you have none. You just wan't people to invite more friends to the game so you can make even more money... while your old playerbase slowly but surely dissappears. Every day, thousands of people uninstall the game because of the _so good and healty_ DynamicQueue, also players that played season 1 and made you, Riot, become what you are now. But now, you are just a company who doesn't care anymore about their playerbase, but just about money. I really hope that you make up your minds and finally realize that the majority simply doesn't want DynamicQueue, no matter what you do and optimize on it, but currently, i just feel like you are going to ruin this game entierly and there is no reason for me to stay.
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