Lets discuss real issues with champions in 6.3

Hello everyone, hope your day is looking good and going well. I want to discuss "real" issues with champions that were not addressed in 6.3 that now will become even more of an issue. Lets first start off with this statement: New assassin item just boosted AD bruisers into god mode and made zed; weaker while making talon an overall better AD assassin pick. It takes no brains that every AD champion that is not an ADC will pick this up with no negative implications. As a result, we will see nerfs inc to champions that abuse this item and will end up breaking the champion instead of addressing the item. Now, for the first wave of discussion of champions not addressed in patch 6.3. On the PPE, {{champion:114}} is seeing a nerf to her W and a buff to her E. However, Riot does realized that Fiora has 100% win ratio in NA LCS, but she only builds 2 damage items and full tank mode. She deals far too much true damage, her mobility is broken (literally, explained below), and her sustain is very high along with her short burst combo that can 100-0 someone in 2 seconds with only 2 items. Now, Fiora has a broken mechanic that was witnessed in the LCS week 3 if I am not mistaken. Poppy's reworked W stops all dashes. The radius on that W is shorter than 450 range but close to 350 from an eye test (wiki doesn't have a range). Fiora's Q (lunge) has a 400 range but is stopped by poppy's W. We did see Poppy's W stop Fiora but the damage hits poppy some how and then applies the 60% cdr. Why is this bug still in the game? In fact, any time fiora's Q is disrupted, it always lands damage and applies the 60% cdr. Her passive has a 90° range, which is too easy to land when she has a 400 range dash ability that also applies her passive. The flat heal of 25 per vital at level 1 is not a real issue, but a flat 100+ at level 16 is starting to get out of hand; especially when she can pop a vital, use her ult and get 4 more vitals and then heal entire team in that radius of her ult. Overall, Fiora is a very powerful, bugged champion that was overlooked or ignored by Riot. Next is {{champion:24}} . Jax is guilty of abusing rageblade; just like another champion that I will discuss after him. Jax was being nerfed in the PPE a little bit, but they have reverted him twice now. Basically Jax is not able to be balanced. Additionally, the nerf Riot was doing was to his passive making it go from 6 hit to 8 hits to have max attack speed. Again, they are not addressing Jax's core problem. His core problem is his base damage on his abilities and the bonus damage on his ult is too powerful. At max rank it hits for 220 + ratio damage every third hit. Just using Ziggs as a reference point, his Ult deals 600 damage to anyone in the middle of his ult. Jax can deal more damage than Ziggs can in the duration of a fight, just because of how over powered the base values are on his passive portion of his ult. Suggestion to riot, lower Jax's base damage on his Ult, his Q and give his W a scaling stun based on how many aa it stops. For example: 0.5 second stun base; 1-2 aa is .5 more to 1.0 sec. 3-4 is 1.5 and 5+ is 2 second stun. His W seems like a weird mechanic that you cant counter play it because jax and just dive to you with his no skill shot related leap. Overall, Jax deals too much damage and abuses rageblade. However, next champion really abuses rageblade and is becoming a problem. {{champion:77}} is becoming a real issue. Now he has a ton and I repeat ton of ways to stop him. This does not mean that he isn't broken. Ever since Riot released too many armor based item, Udyr or should I go by his youtube name: Godyr. Basically he runs Phoenix, Bear, and Turtle stances. Tiger is not as powerful and again, he abuses the Phoenix and Rageblade combo. With the changes to the AP jungle item, he now builds 2 AP items and goes full tank mode. he does a lot of burst damage and his jungle clearing is ridiculous. In solo que, he is causing problems and he should be addressed. Again, it comes down to base damage of his abilities. His Phoenix deals too much damage and maybe should be increased to every 4th or 5th it it applies the Phoenix burst. Slow down his clear time and maybe increase that stun from every 6 seconds to 8-10 seconds in the bear stance. Overall, the issue is that there are three champions that are just too powerful for the game. New champions that pick up the new assassin item will be corrected by nerfs which is not their fault, but the item is just too good stat wise for flat AD and the 2 min passive active portion of missing health (aka mini zed ult). The one thing that Fiora, Jax, and Udyr have in common, they build 2 damage items and can burst people down; including tanks. Lowering their base damage of their abilities is the only way to get them to a neutral playing ground and also fix bugs. These champions do not get played often in rank game play.

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