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DikGod / Bronze 2 47LP / 241W 271L Win Ratio 47% / Lux - 114W 112L Win Ratio 50%, Diana - 46W 39L Win Ratio 54%, Orianna - 19W 30L Win Ratio 39%, Zyra - 26W 22L Win Ratio 54%, Irelia - 8W 8L Win Ratio 50%
Good afternoon ...Riot games and community I am coming to you as a human being that has feelings and emotions like anybody else. at the start of the game i made an account and this account has been my home for so long ...I have invested in so many skin from my account ...I have spend so much hours up on hours playing this game. This game has literally taken a chunk of my life that I cannot ever get back. I have played over 510 ranked gamed .....I wasn't placed in silver like the majority of the league of legends community i was placed bronze 5. I played and played and played ...i learned and learned and learned. ive done everything . I followed every rule every I've followed it by the book...Ive strayed ive gotten upset but im human and i eventually went back to the ways of the game..... I was placed bronze 5 I worked my ass off to get to bronze 1 .....Ive cried so many times...yes thats how bad bronze is .....ive endured every possible thing that could cause a person to go insane and ive kept my roots .....i made it to my silver 5 promos and i was unsuccessful but i kept good vybz and spirits all the way but there is just a point where i am going to break...the recent games ive been getting is unbearable i cant do it im begging you my heart cant take it...i do everything a normal player does ..ive watch new ppl who start the game get placed higher than me and ive kept good spirits I still worked my ass off ...i envied no one ...but why am i being punished constantly ... WHAT DID I DO..... It got to the point where I decided to make a new account but I already spent so much on your game from one profile so i asked...i came to you guys on live chat and begged you guys ....i offered to sacrificed my champions my experience my hours of leveling up ..I only wanted you guys to transfer my skins to my new account...these arent even skins that were received in chests these are skins that i bought with my own money ....My own money and you guys turned me down. Im so sad im so depressed ... I cant even enjoy my own stuff that i bought I cant do this dont wanna cry about this ...I DO NOT WANT NOT QUIT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS......I've invested to much .....I need help not advice I want my skins ...they are mine i paid for them with my money ...why cant i have my skins on my next account huh? want me to spend hundreds of dollars again buying skins...hundreds of dollars i dont have ...I had to save lunch money to buy the ones I own now....I dont even want the champions or my masteries ...i just want my skins transferred to a MY next account I can get a fresh start on a new account for my ranked....because none of you can help me get out of this......500 plus games of bronze .......and i kept my cool even when I was being treated unfairly in game.....i just want my fresh start with the skins that I PAID FOR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MY OWN SKINS
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