What if there were tradeoff items?

Of course, the benefits would be stronger (800 health for example as compared to standard 500 on tank item) in return for the tradeoff. Examples: **The Really Bigly Heavy Sharp Slashy Stick Thingy** +X AD -Y or -Y% MS AND -Z% distance traveled on any dash or blink champion ability **Size Doesn't Mean Everything… Sorta?** -X AD +Y or Y% of either MS, Crit%, Attack Speed, or some combination **What The Diddlyfuck, How Does Armor That Skimpy Even Protect Anything?!** +X or X% MS -Y Armor or MR (or both) **That Really Bulky Looking Impractical Suit of Armor Is Actually Following Logic For Once** +X Armor or MR or Health (or some combination) +Tenacity or other CC resist/reduction -Y or Y% MS **Hang On, That's Not A Broom! It's That Old Witch's Magical Cursed Sex Toy!** -X Health +Y or Y% Magic _Penetration_ (heh.) **What Kind Of A Scoundrel Brings A Gun To A Sword Fight?** -% damage from ranged autos +% damage from melee autos Active: Target one ranged user (MINIMUM CAST RANGE: 425 / MAX CAST RANGE: 650). For the next X seconds, they gain Y (health, armor, MR, or some combination), but in return, their autoattack range against you becomes reduced to your autoattack range or 175 (whichever one is lower). Your autoattack range against them only is changed to the same value for those X seconds. ANY OTHER RANGE MODIFYING EFFECTS ARE IGNORED AND THIS CURRENT EFFECT TAKES PRIORITY. Stuff like that.
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