Observer Expectancy Effect (How it applies to League)

For those of you that don't know, the Observer Expectancy Effect (Hence fourth referred to as OEE) is the idea that, when somebody mentions something, it becomes more noticeable. Case in point, if you buy a particular car, or are looking at said car, you will notice more of that car on the road. The number of similar cars has not changed, but since you have been looking for that car you see it more. This applies to League in a few ways. Say for example, you surf the boards and see all kinds of hate on Dynamic Queue (There is plenty of that. Afterward, you play ten games of League. Say three of those game, you get camped mid and feed and your team flames you (We have all been there). Then you remember what you saw on the boards that day. Someone complaining about how busted dynamic queue is and how you shouldn't get camped as a mid laner, etc. Upon seeing this, a conclusion is made... it has to be Dynamic Queue's fault! Do you think you would have blamed the same reasons before you read the board posts? Suppose nobody was complaining about Dynamic Queue, would you still internalize it the same? Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of Solo queue, and prefer its return to Dynamic Queue. But since it's here, I got to thinking... "*Do I get camped at mid, or 4 man dove in bot lane because they have a premade and Dymaic queue is to blame? Or because I am doing well, and they don't want me taking over the game?*" When I looked back at my match history in games this happened, it turned out to be the latter. It was then, that I had no choice, but to attribute my more difficult games, to _becoming a better player_, and being put up against more skilled opponents. Once I realized, it was because I was seeing success, I immediately started to play better, more focused. I was warding more to prevent getting camped, I was watching the minimap more, and going under turret when all the lanes were missing (Let's be honest, laners don't always ping MIA). My point is that if you just focus on the game at hand, instead of worrying about how they might be a premade, then *you will play better*. As I have said, I am in favor of Solo Queue, but since that is not an option, I will use getting put up against better opponents as a test of my skill. Because at least if I don't carry, I can try not to feed. If I am Mid and get put up against a mid/jung premade, and leave laning phase 0/0/0 and ping all my MIAs... I did alright, I am improving. *Don't let something out of your control affect your play.* TL;DR: I dislike Dynamic Queue, but don't blame it when I do poorly in game. Edit: Confirmation Bias *REMOVED* Observer Expectancy Effect *ADDED* Got the order a little backwards and some sticklers were upset. Patched it up, sorry for the confusion!
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