9.18 Aatrox Build Order

With the nerfs to his wave clear and sustain, you're going to want to shift around your build. 1st - {{item:3071}} His core. This will never change. 2nd - {{item:3047}}/{{item:3111}} -or-{{item:3158}} Tabi is a staple, but you'll be build more hp immediately and Lucid boots can help supplement your CDR. Build for the situation. 3rd - {{item:3748}} Build this second to reclaim your wave clear. The stats sustain you flat instead of relying on lifesteal to survive and over all will supplement you better with Resolve as your secondary. 4th - {{item:3053}} Boosts Hydra and provides more flat defense to get around the reduced lifesteal in your kit 5th - {{item:3065}} -or- {{item:3812}} Now that you're an HP tank, add the extra drain 6th - SITUATIONAL Hang in their fellow Atrix mains!
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