I think it's time for an honor progress bar. (or some sort of progress indicator)

Hey y'all I feel like it's about time we get something to let us know how far we are from an honor checkpoint. I've heard that this idea has been shut down in the past , but I'm going to tell you why it would be a good thing to implement. 1. To the toxic players who are trying to change, or people who made one mistake and are now trying to get back to a good honor standpoint; this grind is really demotivating. Not only does it take a ridiculous amount of games to slowly climb your way back to honor 2, but not seeing any progress AT ALL, can really make it feel like an impossible task. The old arguments were that honor shouldn't be something you fake just because you see progress to your next level, but in all reality, why not?? Who cares if someone is "fake" being honorable? Would you rather that or an actual toxic player who is stuck in honor 0 and feels like has nothing to lose? I promise you that if you implement honor progress, you will see many toxic players trying to change just to reach the goal that finally looks achievable. Not to mention, if they look at their progress each game maybe they can realize that game did not give them any honor and they will try to fix how they acted (example: spamming ff, stealing buffs, or giving up early in chat). 2. The whole debate about how being honorable should be standard and not something you can 'fake' to get rewards is complete BS now because the toxicity has gotten WORSE (in my opinion). "Fake it til you make it," is a saying that basically states that if you pretend to be something like confident or outgoing, that eventually by faking it for so long you will start to actually become it. I believe this can happen if a lot of usually toxic players start pretending to be honorable because they can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Take it from someone who was toxic, there is nothing more demoralizing than looking at that honor 0 or 1 every day when you log in. I'm not asking for fewer games to climb them, just something so we can see if what we're doing is right or wrong. 3. Change is good. I was so proud of this company when I noticed you reverted ranked because it wasn't working out the way you planned. Seriously, the ability to change and adapt to your consumer is the key to success for a growing business on any platform. You guys have tried your best to change toxicity in this community and some things have worked and some haven't, but right now it is really poor when it comes to toxicity in games, meaning something should be changed. Honor progress in my opinion isn't asking a lot, it just lifts the spirit of a defeated toxic player who is tired of being at the bottom of the barrel with his honor 0, and might give him that little push he needs to change his ways permanently. What do you have to lose? In conclusion, an honor progress bar or some form of letting us know how far we are from our next checkpoint/level would be an excellent addition to league right now. Toxicity feels like it's an all-time high and with the community already complaining about the gameplay and damage amongst other in-game things, toxicity won't be dealt with for much longer and people are going to just start leaving. Heck, why not just give it a try? Obviously looking at the whole ranked situation, things can be changed or reverted if they aren't working... but I'm sure that this will be a positive change for the entire community. P.S. I apologize if anything sounded a bit repetitive, I wrote this in a hurry before work! I feel strongly about this topic though. TLDR; We need something to show us how close we are to each honor checkpoint or level; maybe like an honor progress bar, here's why. 1. People trying to change feel like it's an impossible task because there's no way to check how close you are to a checkpoint, so they just give up and continue with their ways. 2."Fake it til you make it"- if someone pretends to be honorable for a while, they might actually start becoming honorable.. a progress bar just helps people continue with their goal and not mess up. 3. Change is good. Toxicity is very high right now and apparently something needs to be changed.. if worse comes to worse and it doesn't work out, just revert it and change it back to how it was.
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