Summoners Rift Tint is problematic for some colorblind players

The last few days in Summoners Rift's dragon changes have caused some issues discerning character models abilities on the new Summoners Rift post Dragon shift because of my colorblindness. I have seen people mention it on the boards, and in Meddler's post he mentioned it slightly that the Infernal Drake tint made it difficult for some users to see ability edges like Akali shroud. While I understand that it is not the highest priority, as colorblindness is not all that common is there perhaps in the future going to be a way to disable to tint on summoners rift as either part of the colorblind settings, or separate from the colorblind settings? I really understand that it is not an optimal choice, and the new Summoners Rift shifts look great, but as a colorblind player I feel like I suffer a little because of the dragon tints.
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