Spear of Shojin is just plain unhealthy.

So, we've all had that game where everything's going fine and dandy, maybe your chromosome-collecting ADC suddenly stops chimping out and smacking the keyboard and plays well for the first time all game, and what looked like a tricky game actually seemed like you had it in your grasp And then a 6/0 jax presses R, nukes your whole team from orbit while ignoring all focus fire, and any CC you burn on him just opens up the rest of his team to whale on you, making a zero-sum game where the only way to win is to pray that the Jax/Riven/Renekton/Basically-Aatrox-Too-But-He-Doesnt-Have-To-Even-Buy-It/Master Yi/Tryndamere/Whatever "Buh, buh, buh, AAAAethERr, some of these characters use different items more often" That's fine. Champs will always be broken. But i like my "broken champions" to at least have windows of opportunity. Shit like trynda, aatrox, jax, they're always broken as hell if they get ahead, but i'd like the metaphorical jax that 1shots 5 people in 3 seconds to be something like 16/1/5 by the 25 min mark, pressuring all over the map and playing like a god to earn his solo carry win. Not a 5/4/2 who afk splitted top all game, got 3 items by 35 mins, and then decided to stop picking his nose and win. "Buhbuhbuhhh CC exists" Yes. CC *does* exist, dear metaphorical idiot who sees no problem in removing exploitable weakness from a handful of riot's favorite champions. But what's stopping the hypercarry from either buying merc treads and taking legend;tenacity, or from just CC chaining you themself with infinite spell spam (Jax E, renek W, riven W, aatrox's knockups+chains, etc). That's not even mentioning champs like good ol' Master Yi who can press an ability, become immune to dying, then press it again, and again, and once more even then, shedding CC like a coat. Even so, yi only has to worry about *true* hard CC, as he can W to ignore being burst down when rooted. Look. I'm going to be frank. There are bigger fish to fry than 1 item, sure. But changing SoS's passive to something different would unfuck the game's balance back to a fixable level. Not a *good* level, but it'd be enough to remove cancerous interactions and begin addressing champion-to-champion flaws. You managed to do it right with Guinsoos. Now time to fix the Guinsoos 2.0 Until this shit's fixed, i'll be on indefinite hiatus from the game. I may check in, but i'm paying with my patronage/wallet here. Fix your shit or get off my computer, basically. See y'all if that ever happens, lads. -AA {{sticker:katarina-love}}

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