Ahri buff again?

''I've gotten confirmation that this was always Ahri's charm damage, the tooltip just listed the incorrect rankups you see here. No gameplay change is taking place.'' -Riot Scarizard- '' [IMPORTANT] Ahri's E change today is TOOLTIP ONLY. Her current live damage is already 60/95/130/165/200 but displays as 60/90/120/150/200. There is no gameplay change here. '' Riot you don't give buff to Ahri.Enough.You can say ''This a tooltip'' etc. But I don't believe you.New Ahri skin is coming.I'm sure. Don't buff Ahri!!! https://www.reddit.com/r/AhriMains/comments/4bt35z/ahri_charm_buffs/ Ahri mains admit this buff. Ahri has 53% win rate and 15% pick rate. I don't believe to your lies. Also I got bored of salty Ahri and Lux mains on this board.
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