How do i Play more agressive without feeding (risking it all) ?

So i will keep it short for more than 6 years i have been maining {{champion:92}} she WAS my OTP on like 6 of my acc i got a total of 3,6M if i count every account i ever had so now... I am not a fan of her as she is RN i was someone that rly abused her E and Q cooldown in the early and since they got nerfed my muscle memory just got rly f worded up i lost my confidence with her and even my friends noticed since they knew me as someone that would play EXTREMLY agressive in early and get that 10 kills min 10 so now to my problem and my "change" i want to main mid lane after 6 years otping her top i got tired after all those changes (_i also wanted to main mid for a rly long time but couldn't cuz well... riven mains know what i mean if u get into riven once u cant rly help but play her_) I am playing like a extreme (bad P word but not rly cuz women have those) and i dont know how to change this playstyle if i try to play more agressive i am getting rekt by the 0/3 kassadin i always lose the trades even if i wait the cooldowns they just AA me and i am half life (assasines are very hard to play against for me) how can i get more confidence and a better grip of mid lane i never rly played alot of mid lane champs only Ahri,Taliyah (Jngl) and well.. yea riven mid i need a whole new champion pool so What are your tips for me to get started as a mid laner ? how do i find my mid champ how do i get into mid lane ? i feel kinda sad that i need help on something that people that start league as a newbie already know (which champs i like and which role) i rly cant decide and that as a plat 1 player uff Thanks guys for all the anwesers i will try EVERYTHING
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