can someone explain to me how swain is in a good spot?

i play swain on aram when i can and i cant tell if he just sucks or maybe hes just one of those champs who are bad in aram. I usually dont do too bad with him but he never feels very impactful. Frankly his damage is pisspoor and his survivability is worse. My favorite skill is w but as soon as people buy boots it becomes nearly useless unless his team has other cc that they can use on his enemies. His root is not terrible but the range is just too low considering the need to pass through and then come back. Most things about his q suck when considering it for fighting enemy champs. His ult honestly is just one of those ults that is more of a slight buff rather than a game changing ability. It doesnt give him much survivability and it cant be used to provide his meh dps kit with a bit of burst due to the abysmal delay which is reliant on enemy drains. All around he just feel ineffective, I mean he clearly does not have the damage output to really carry in that sense which leaves me wondering about his survivability so that he could be more of an ap bruiser or ap offtank but the regen from the crows is frankly shit, maybe like 5-10% per crow which is crap considering fighters easily do 20% hp per hit. That and the aforementioned dubious efficacy of his cc not only leaves him pretty team reliant but simply less effective than many other champs. Maybe im missing some magic kit altering item to build on him or something? Idk but any valid insight would be helpful.
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