CG riot. You have finally destroyed midlane Zyra

Greetings, **first of all. Let me introduce myself. ** I am OTP midlane Zyra from season 3 and you can know me as Lesbian Zyra (Lesba Zyra, Zyra x Lissandra .etc). Yes. I'Ve been playing midlane/top/jungle and adc Zyra for 4 season in a row. And yes, I never ever play supp Zyra, because of her release. I've get in love to play her as a mage and a midlane champion. I am from EUNE, but I've got to use NA forum, since nobody listen to EUNE forums anyway, because of its toxicity level. I've managed to hit master every single season. The previous season I've been able to hit [challenger]( too. I've got around 4KK masteries with Zyra, if I will count all of my accounts. So in the end, I've managed to get over 5 000 games with Zyra. Anyway this season started fine. I had something around master 100 lp and 62% winrate, playing with challenger players .etc It was alright. Once the patch that changed liandry into a crap item, it forced my elo and my mmr to rapidly go down. I've been able to drop from [Master 100 lp to Dia 4]( in a simple week. **Now I've heard Riot's opinion about new Liandry. ** They say that the item is stronger against tanks now. And I say that's not truth at all. Sure 10% dps is fine against tanks, since flat magic pene is useless against tanks anyway, BUT. The dot is really weak, especially for poke machines like Zyra. Actually this dot is 50% less effective for poke. Did you ever think about tanks and their magic resistance? Since the mask deals only magic dmg, they just simply build mr to counter this item. So in the end, you've got only 0.5% dmg per second against tanks. You know how bad that feels? 0.5% dmg per second? The old mask had 1% if you will count all those MR items. Sure, the new liandry is stronger against target with 50% and less dmg. Anyway who plays for that? You've got to shrink their HP, so you can use burst for targets that have 50% less. Also since the liandry has lost its early magic pene, it has no longer to be usefull as 1st item. And that has nerfed Zyra a lot. Without situation item like the old liandry, she has no chance to fight against RoD, early mr abusers (abyssal mask), mercury, hexdrinker .etc If you would like to play for flat pene, you've got to buy ORB. Sure, you can say, that I've had to face those builds with the old liandry too. Anyway there was a good dot to be used and I could buy void staff with that. New Morello isn't good item for Zyra, because of its missing DOT. Zyra needs additional item do deal dmg and she needs flat magic penetration, because of her weak ap ratios. **So what's the current problem of Zyra?** _She still needs flat magic penetration to deal decent dmg._ Without that, I feel like my numbers don't hit at all. And we all know that Riot isn't playing around flat magic penetration, so she needs something to scale. She needs better ap ratios or some scale power like AS modification for plants or something like that. I've got an idea to give her flat magic penetration scale. Or just give her some % hp dmg. There is a lot of ways how to buff MIDLANE Zyra. _Also there is a problem about her secondary role - support._ I don't know, how did you allow Zyra to become a support champion over midlane. It's same with Brand. You've managed to push Annie back into midlane. So why not Zyra? Why not Brand? You've got to give them something special as a midlane champions. And that's scale. A special scale that counts with creeps. Yes. Zyra has got W reset, but that's not enough. Plants are weak and has no dmg against MR targets and HP targets. _So we've got another problem and that's her plants._ Almost every champion is able to one-shot them or just simply ignore them, because of their weak dmg. They feel like a garbage gold sack. That's all. Did you try to play as Zyra vs Kayle, Corki, Orianna, Vlad, Singed .etc? And I am not even talking about her high counters like Zed, LeBlanc and any assasins mostly. _Her passive is strong early, weak late_ Why? Because of late game plants with are simply one-shot by everything, since everyone has items, cdr .etc to spam auto-attacks and abilites. _Also her spells are clunky and old_ For example her **E**. The super slow skillshot that has 0.75s duration at level 1 and weak ap ratio of 0.5 scale? What's that? A joke? **Q** Can you nerf it to its old circle Q? It was definitely better, because of poke. Now you are rarely able to hit that, because players ain't just walking to sides. They are walking forward and backward, so I don't get your opinion about Q + E sinergy. You think they are going to just go right and left to get hit by her E that roots them for 0.75s? Also it's weaker for clear. you need to go side to use its all hitbox with forces you to get in a danger. Also can you give it back its range? It's really clunky, because of W's sinergy. Sometimes Zyra just plants W or Q, instead of doing both. **Result** Zyra has become only early champion with depends on enemy builds, because of MR. She is super squishy and her plants are useless against a lot of champions, because of one-shotting. Her abilities have no scale and are out-dated. Her core item {{item:3151}} was nerfed a lot, especially early and poke. And she is still counted as a support champion only with is sick. So I hope you @Medler is going to read that or any of riot's balance team, because I've got no motivation to play Zyra anymore. And mostly the league itself, because I just love playing midlane Zyra only. also you know what's sad? That my strongest build is now on-hit Zyra. Wit's end, nashoor, rageblade .etc, because everything else is simply without dmg.

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