CG vs 100T Fun game but is this really the only viable strategy now? They literally just fought around Baron for 30 minutes. Nothing else matters. No split pushing, no wave control... just ONE objective (that steal was CLUTCH though). To have the whole game decided by who secures Baron seems kind of like one big dice roll. Oddly enough, it actually looks like it PREVENTS people from making progress because they're afraid to do anything else. CG tried trading for Elder and it definitely didn't work out. I might be really wrong about this and maybe it's just these teams and their comps. The most interesting competitive games I watched were back when CLG was doing split push strategies. I like that so much more than the deathball style (although, tense long games where anyone can win are also interesting). I think part of the reason is because it makes the game so hectic and you don't know which strategy will win out. Even the gold lead doesn't matter that much sometimes in those split push comps. On the downside, I HATED playing against split push strategies. They were so annoying and felt almost unfair because even when massively ahead, we couldn't just push to end. We always had to have 2 backing trying to catch some Tryndamere or Jax... who would get away most of the time. Even if we killed them, sometimes the other team took Baron or we were just so disorganized and far that any push attempt was stalled.
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