Olaf is underpowered. His win rates suck at every elo, here is why and what he needs.

top lane 45% in silver, 46% in gold. 48% in plat and 47% in plat + Nasus is at 53 54% in silver and gold and 52 in plat Garen, over 50 in all elos Darius, close to 50 in most elos Urgot 50, 51 52 at higher elos I could go on, with few exceptions such as Irelia who seems to be suffering at top as well in all elos. But why. I have said this before, no one seems to get it. Olafs kit is too basic to keep up with the craziness. Not having a hard CC, or a shield, or a built in dash, or some crazy way to scale into late game or some massive team fight ult {{champion:85}} {{champion:157}} etc, is really BAD. And even when you build tank hes not insanely tanky like {{champion:223}} , who does pretty well at high elos, 51% win rate compared to Olafs 47 and 48% It doesn't matter that his ult is pretty good. But actually, in the games climate, its not that good. 6 seconds is short, and the amount of flashes, dashes, mobility, hourglasses, stopwatches etc, make it really hard to catch anyone in that amount of time, to do really not that much damage at a fast enough rate. Since if you build high damage you definitely will be exploded before you reach any carry. I think what I am saying is obvious, but to agree with me you would be conceding that Riot has overloaded most new champs and reworked champions, and the implication is that all of it is a huge mistake, or they need to catch everyone up. I have solutions. He doesn't need a complete rework. Here are single changes that could be done by themselves without changing anything else. I believe each one of these changes by themselves would put him in a stronger position. REMEMBER, I am not saying he should get all of these changes. Just one, or maybe two. Otherwise, he would be incredibly too strong. 1)Increase the range, moderately, of his E. This will allow im to reduce his exposure and live a little longer. 2)Let him keep his armor and magic resist buff during his ult. Why can't it just be a passive that stays when he activates his ult? This would allow him extra toughness to have a better chance at making the most of his ult. 3)Increase his ult to 8 seconds. 6 is just too short these days, for reasons mentioned above. 4)Increase his bonus movement speed from 1 second to 3 seconds and allow him to move through units. 5)Given the amount of burst damage and high damage in the game, his bonus Attack speed and lifesteal when almost dead is not enough. The bonus enhanced healing from his W caps out at 50% when missing 100% health (so, dead). So he never really gets there. Instead of 0-50%, it should be 0-90% and it should max out when he is at 10% health, not when hes dead. 6)Reckless swing is now a point and click short dash, where he jumps swinging his axes down doing true damage. Can only target enemies, not wards or anything utterly stupid like that ( {{champion:24}} ) Let the down votes begin.
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