I wish armor meant something

Yea, ok... I get it 100 armor doesn't mean much, but its supposed to be 50% damage reduction... I guess it doesn't mean shit when the enemy can just lethality you to death. https://imgur.com/CB8OsjI yea great 4500 damage in 3 seconds... "Fun" Glad I didn't build zhonyas, so I couldn't "outplay" him... EDIT: So I see alot of angry people. "But you didn't build zhonyas." So an item that can block his ulti once every 120 seconds, somehow means that I can counter his 60 second ulti? Yea ok, sure? To top it off zhonyas is easily time able, which means if I don't have the mobility, or flash to instantly dodge as soon as it wears off I'm still dead. That isn't counter play. Second of all, all he used to kill me was R Q Auto Attack. Then he pressed R to back to his starting point, and W'd away from me... He still over killed me by 1700 damage. Thats 66% more hp than I had to begin with... Which is fucking bull shit. There is no reason he needs to be doing that much damage WITH ONLY HITTING TWO SKILLS AND AN AUTO ATTACK. The major complaint here is that assassins are supposed to be "high risk, high reward". Where the fuck was his risk? Just imagine if he actually had to hit me with his W E Q combo, he would have easily done 200% of my hp, which means that even if I had another 100 armor he still would have killed me.

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