Riot, what is the idea behind this Ezreal change?

Right, so I just woke up to find a nerf to Ezreal's ultimate. I'd like to get a discussion of some sorts on why this is the thing that is happening. Something needed to be done, and I'm surprised it's this: >Ezreal >Trueshot Barrage (R) cooldown increased to 120 seconds from 80 seconds. This kinda rubbed me the wrong way the instant I read it. Blue Build is currently a total monster in just about all levels of play, right? So why nerf the ability that is at its weakest _when_ you build Blue? This sounds like the wrong direction to me. I quite enjoy the good old fashioned Triforce Ezreal and his Ultimate was my favourite thing about him. I don't see why other setups should be punished because a specific one became super strong. Surely there's another way? I wouldn't mind a reduction in early flat damages on his E or Q so that his opponents can have an easier time punishing his stat-less Tear item. Since Preseason his E has gotten a lot more spammable, and his lategame Blue burst with that ability makes it go through the roof while being less punishing than it should be. Maybe there's some crazy method of making Muramana unable to proc on it? At this moment I'd ask for anything.
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