Can we get the old Hurricane back?

You say you want to assist the whole "on-hit-build" idea, but that change you made to the old Hurricane only took away from that. If you're not one of those old-school hipsters, the old Hurricane just simply gave 70% Attack Speed, and the bolts would deal a whole 10 (+50% AD) (+On-hit-effects) damage, but with the inability to crit. You know how we have both the Ravenous Hydra and the Titanic Hydra? You can't stack them, but they both provide different passives to fit different niches (even though pretty much everyone takes Titanic Hydra since it's broken ass bullshit). We could do that to the Hurricanes! We can just bring back the old one, but with a different name! Billy Bob's Hurricane - 2900 Gold Recipe: Recurve Bow + Dagger + Recurve Bow + 600 Gold Stats: 70% Attack Speed UNIQUE Passive - Wind's Fury: When basic attacking, bolts are fired at up to 2 enemies near the target, each dealing 10 + 65% AD physical damage. Bolts can apply on-hit effects. Is that so hard? Also, you should give it 65% AD scaling instead of 50%, so it can keep up with the buff and indirect nerfs you gave Runaan's (x1.6 increased scaling with buff, and x0.8 scaling from IE "nerf")
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