Quitting the game because of the amount of DC

I am a new player, but honestly, i do not know for the love of god, why i have so much disconnected players on my team? Riot, please check into my match history. Over the past 10-15 ranked games I played, I must have at least 5 or more games where a player disconnected, very often in mid or late game. Someone from Riot, please let me know, is there something wrong with my computer or my username or my account that gets other people disconnects so frequently? I would like to know anyone else who has disconnected teammates as often as me, or even close to me. And the remake system is buggy as hell. My game tonight at 10:00 PM PST, had a player constantly connect and disconnect, and finally disconnects for good at the 3 min mark. Yet, we weren't able to remake? Your current system for DC is not acceptable at all. Please think of new ways to prevent DC ruining the game, without having it abused. Some thoughts below 1) The original dota, whenever a player disconnects, the remaining player gets his gold, and then more gold during the game. 2) if there is a loss with less than 5 players remaining at the end of a game, maybe lose less LP?
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