Thoughts on zed pbe changes as a master tier 1trick

pbe changes: Razor Shuriken (Q): AD ratio on first enemy hit increased from 90% to 100% AD ratio on targets beyond first increased from 54% to 60% {{item:3147}} Damage lowered from [Melee (65 - 320) / Ranged (45 - 300)] to [30 - 200] first of all, I wanna say I understand these changes, we're losing 120 damage to our burst (174 if you account for ultimate amplification) and gaining some ad ratio to compensate. That's great! the only problem I have with these changes are that they are still a nerf no matter what point you are in the game, as of right now **zed's base damages are so low that you are forced into building a duskblade every game no matter what**. If the average full build on zed will grant 300 bonus ad, _If you land _ triple Q this change will give 1st 30 2nd 22.5 3rd 16.875. this total adds up to 69.375 dmg. multiply that by level 3 deathmark and that's 31.22. Add them together you get 100.6. I think that these changes are not fair that zed will need to land 3 Q's AND deathmark to get even close to the same damage of a duskblade **auto attack**. this will lead to an overall nerf to zed. Going back to what I said at the start, If zed's Q had the base damage of 240 and this AD ratio increase, Zed will not be stuck rushing duskblade everygame, building {{item:3156}} or {{item:3142}} will become viable again as a first item, which leads to this season's theme of "choice" i'll have the choice to go defensive, aggressive, or roaming. pls rito. btw {{item:3047}} giving more armour than the combined lethality of {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} really sucks
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