LF someone to tell me what I did wrong this game

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Cait and Yasuo were literally afk half the game Riven idk just dying non stop Tahm Kench trolling All lane lost, none went even or can hold their lane for even 1min. I go top bot die, go bot top die. But since Cait and Yasuo were afk there was no lane to gank... ------------ But like everyone said right, "If you lose a game you gotta improve" Yeah it seen it got nothing to do with my team, its just me. I'm sorry I didn't get a team that didn't go afk or troll I'm sorry all my lane lost cus I didn't hold their hands to the end I'm sorry we lost the game. ------------ I didn't go afk. I didn't troll. I tried my best and was the best in that game, but its my fault. Sorry I couldn't carry 2 afk. Sorry I couldn't fight 1v5 in the mid lane cus the enemy just all group up. Sorry for even trying when it didn't even matter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26WBT1ZdLdc
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