A possible solution, to an old problem

We all know that Shen is in a really weak state right now. He has really bad wave clear and its hard to farm under turret. This has come to my mind and some of Shen mains hardly agreed with me. There are people who are desperate for a revert because of Vorpal blade(old q). Well, why not combine his old and current q into an ability, here is my Idea: I thought about it this way, how could I combine old q and current q, that's quite easy. Make the spirit sword as an ability stay in his kit and instead of it traveling to Shen when you cast it, it can travel to any targeted entity you cast it on. If it's an enemy champion, a minion or a monster its gonna work as old q did. Teammates who damage that enemy are going to heal for next 3 basic attacks on that entity. If your teammates are targeted by it and spirit sword travels to them and arrives, then their next 3 basic attacks are going to heal them no matter what entity they hit. Now when the sword changes positions ( It is also self castable, you can cast it on yourself) it travels as current q does. If it happens to hit an enemy champion its gonna give empowered auto attacks to Shen. This pretty much allows you to have a better sustain in the lane and some more damage. Now I know its gonna kinda be a bit strong given that you can cast it multiple times trough an enemy, but I think it could be sorted out by changing numbers. I really hope this comes out to be a thing and that we can play Shen as we once did and be happy about it while also keeping current q Shen mains unite! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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