New Conqueror doesn't work with Singed Poison Trail.

2019-02-07 23-49-26
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Q does not gain more than one proc and does not refresh duration, making new conqueror worse than the current one for Singed. Poison Trail only counts as 1 out of 5 procs required to activate, and also doesn't maintain the damage buff once it's activated, which actually makes it worse than live conqueror for Singed. I don't understand why every champion gets to have new, powerful runes, good items with damage AND CDR, mobility, CC, etc., but Singed can't even have a set of runes that works for him. It's ridiculous at this point. Singed doesn't get to have nice things. NOTE this info is from reddit user Minishcap1, the holy singed main. side note: my puppy is eatting my feet when i am typing this, send help
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