Blue Essences Should Be Less RNG and Reward Players For Finishing a Game

Personally, I'm not fond of this new way of obtaining blue essences. Obtaining blue essences feels more of a chore rather than a reward. I've read multiple forum posts about many players being short of blue essences to obtain a champion and have to grind out more hours just to get those last few essences. And don't get me started on the RNG. When receiving blue essences, it should't feel like a dice roll and whoever lands on the 6 gets the blue essences and the ones who roll a 1 gets the bad end of the stick. Getting IP felt rewarding because it gave the player something to achieve like buying that new champion that just came out. IP does lose its value over time when players have bought all the champions but, it gave us a steady source of income to save up and buy something new. With blue essences, it feels like you're praying to get the most amount out of your capsules just to receive shards which disenchants into 540 blue essences. Getting new champions should not be RNG but the player's choice on who they want to get. 1.) How I would purpose to help fix this issue is to implement a daily quest rewarding blue essences but not too much. This would give players a reason to log on and to get that sense of progression on their account other than leveling up. 2.) Another way to fix this problem and many people have already spoken about this is to get blue essences after completing a game. Same point as the last one, it gives players a sense of progression towards their account. 3.) Lowering the prices on the store. Since blue essences feels more of a grind and you are not even sure how much you will be getting, lowering the prices of blue essences on a champion would help out newer players to obtain champions if the RNG based system is to not change. 4.) Giving more rewards with less amount of time. Since getting up to a higher level will take a lot more time, the amount of blue essences that you will get will be significantly less per hour. You would have to spend more time getting 500 BE when you're a higher level compared to spending a lot less time getting that same amount at a lower level. Please leave a comment on your thoughts about this discussion on whether you like it or not or leave a comment on your thoughts on blue essences and how they should be rewarded.

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