It really sucks that people are winning games because of champions and not skill

Too many champions just offer too much damage or their kit is gives them too much for their role or they never fall off late game and have good early game. Like let me run riot for 1 week and i'll clear this shit up and bring back league to what it should be. Champions like Jax, irelia, lee sin, and shen are currently doing too much damage. Champions like Malphite and tahm are doing too much damage for their class, tanks should tank. Juggernauts should not be allowed to be a class, that is why top is a shit hole. Pyke has been toxic for months and I said he was and got flamed for it and now everyone sees it. All this just leads to champions winning games and not the players. I had a Kayle troll in my game last night who feed on purpose just so she could show off and comeback to win it in minutes. Like this game needs developers who care a little more about the game and a little less about their pockets.
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