"Strategic Diversity" items like Ohmwrecker are still just as useless as expected

Here are all the least used items that appear in less than 1% of games. Source: datamining sites such as LoLKing and LoLDB; percentage according to ranked soloq on Apr 30th. Items added or reworked in season 5 are in bold. 1. {{item:3124}} Guinsoo's Rageblade (0.05%) 1. {{item:3056}} **Ohmwrecker** (0.08%) 1. {{item:3050}} Zeke's Herald (0.17%) 1. {{item:3141}} **Sword of the Occult** (0.19%) 1. {{item:3060}} **Banner of Command** (0.20%) 1. {{item:3711}} **Poacher's Knife** (counting enchantments) (0.33%) 1. {{item:3512}} **Zz'Rot Portal** (0.48%) 1. {{item:3023}} Twin Shadows (0.44%) 1. {{item:3504}} Ardent Censer (0.55%) 1. {{item:3091}} Wit's End (0.58%) 1. {{item:3172}} Zephyr (0.61%) 1. {{item:3508}} Essence Reaver (0.79%) That's right. Ohmwrecker is the second least popular item in the game, and Zz'Rot Portal is behind the godawful Poacher's Knife. Why is that? Well, I think it's a sum of defects of particular items themselves, and the fact that **their existence changes nothing about how the game is played** or what champions are picked. Nobody is going to pick their champion with Ohmwrecker or Zz'Rot Portal in mind. These items, even if not meant to be rushed, are simply underwhelming and unimpactful. #I. Raptor's Cloak is a bad laning item {{item:2053}} Raptor's Cloak costs **1000 gold** and grants **40 armor** and **+100% base health regeneration**. These stats are worth 1160 gold. However, at level 6, most toplane champions have 10-12 base health regeneration, so it takes 2 minutes for the +% regen to equate a single health potion. If you want to understand how bad health regen currently is, ask yourself a question: **when was the last time you saw a pro player have a Rejuvenation Bead in their inventory?** Food for thought. This, of course, is not taking into account the unique passive, which builds up movement speed under turrets, but even disregarding what this item builds into, it's just bad when compared to other armor/regen items in this price range. Ninja Tabi, Glacial Shroud, Warden's Mail, Catalyst the Protector - they all do something tangible and useful, and the items they build into are worth rushing. Past laning phase the passive becomes even less useful, as many fights occur around Dragon and Baron. Therefore, I believe the following needs to happen: * Raptor Cloak needs a discount to 900 gold, and/or * Its upgrades need to be attractive enough to be worth rushing. http://i.imgur.com/gt7w5f9.png Basically the problem here lies with the whole Point Runner family - it's not good in lane, it's not even that good later on. #II. Ohmwrecker is inferior to similar items | Item | Armor | Health | CDR | Passive | Active | Cost | Raw Stat Value |-|-|-|-|-|-|- | {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker | 50 | 300 | 10% | Point Runner | Turret disable | 2600g | 2117g (81%) | {{item:3068}} Sunfire Cape | 45 | 450 | - | Immolate | - | 2600g | 2100 (80%) | {{item:3143}} Randuin's Omen | 70 | 500 | - | Cold Steel | AoE Slow | 2850g | 2730g (96%) For an item that *might* be useful in one specific situation, the unique effect of Ohmwrecker is too expensive. Alternative armor+health items not only have a higher health threshhold, but their unique effects are way more powerful not only in open fights. And frankly, under towers as well. In the current state, Ohmwrecker could even disable base gates and it would still be useless. What could possibly fix Ohmwrecker is: * Stat efficiency (lower price, more health or more CDR) * Active lasting longer (4-5 seconds?) * Active stealing armor from tower and granting it to the user, and/or * Active making an allied tower immune to damage (like the good old Fortify summoner spell). Before any of these changes happen, the item will remain as useless as it is now - the current state is "why invest into this item, when you can just armor up and tank the damn turret". I don't even think any stat buff could make it worthwhile - it's the active that needs to change for the item to be worth its slot. #III. Zz'Rot Portal lacks purpose Zz'Rot Portal is set at the very same price as Guardian Angel (2800g) with the same batch of stats (10 more armor, 10 more MR), while granting a much less powerful effect than the extra life. I would attribute its low popularity to another problem - it's supposed to help tanks push lanes, but full tanks are not supposed to splitpush, and this item changes nothing about that. The usual splitpushers are capable of dueling any enemy coming their way. Tanks can survive a 1v1 assault - but they can't kill the assailant and stop him from clearing the waves. The idea that tanks could get an option of setting up a remote push is neat, but in practise it's a "win more" item. You can't get a tower with it unless you were already in a situation where regular siegeing mechanism would work. There are two simple solutions that I would consider here: * Lower the price to 2500-2600g, or * Remove the health loss after 4 seconds on Voidspawn, and make it a damage loss instead. This would allow to use this item to splitpush more reliably, similar to Banner of Command, without making it too abusive. * Alternatively: Make Voidspawn immune to towers. In that case, the Void Gate would always be pushing, and require immediate attention from the enemy team, regardless of the lane state. This would make Zz'Rot Portal a unique tool allowing to turn enemy attention towards their tower. #IV. Banner of Command is actually okay It's not perfect, but it's in an acceptable spot. It has a very clearly defined niche and helps in a very commonly found situation in competitive play, which is siegeing inhibitor turrets, especially with baron buff. The low popularity of this item is caused by Locket of the Iron Solari being that much better and versatile. Generally if you get to the siegeing situation, you're in a better spot already, and Locket gives you an edge in even fights. If any changes were to happen to this item, I'd consider: * Bringing back the pet buff (Zyra, Elise, Heimerdinger), and/or * Allowing the item to be used on pets (Annie, Malzahar) The current purpose - protecting the siege minions with Baron buff - is working well. Expanding the item's scope might be a good idea, though. #V. Sword of the Occult is unfixable Stacking items aren't as much about getting kills as about not dieing (this is why Leviathan was skewed). Top users of Mejai's Soulstealer are Janna and Lux, who can play very safely and get out alive from fights while racking up tons of assists from their utility spells. Sword of the Occult is one of the least used items for a few reasons: its users are the AD assassins/casters (Rengar, Talon and Riven) who can be focused and shut down in teamfights, and the buff on 20 stacks is a bit underwhelming (+20% attack speed, compared to +15% CDR on Soulstealer). Gold value of both effects is comparable, but AS is not a stat that bursty AD casters are looking for. Should anything be done about this item? I don't think so. At least it shouldn't have any sort of priority. #VI. Poacher's Knife (lol) Clearly neither Riot nor the playerbase have any idea what to do with the item. At this point, the question would be *why* shall we try to make it work instead of outright removing it, and only then can we think of any possible solutions. #VII. Other underused items Notes on what sort of category are the anti-tower items in. Delving too much into these would derail the thread. {{item:3124}} **Guinsoo's Rageblade** is garbage and could be straight out deleted or remade from scratch. It could work if all abilities in LoL scaled with ability power. AD scalings on fighters is what made this item obsolete. One niche that would work currently, instead of AD+AP, would be hybrid armor/magic penetration for champions like Ezreal, Jax and Shyvana. {{item:3050}} **Zeke's Herald** is very gold efficient on AD-heavy teams, but feels very unrewarding for supports. You're essentially wasting gold on stats you don't want in order to grant them to your teammates. And given the CDR overload (you're not getting full value off 20% CDR from that item), the amount of gold "wasted" is nearing 2000. Perhaps this item could function with an Aegis-like 1800g component without CDR, building out of Vampiric Scepter + Crystalline Bracer. Component would have only lifesteal in aura, finished Zeke's could be an activable item, granting AD in a more conditional situation. Overall if the item could become attractive for AD bruisers, it could actually become satisfying. Until then, it's a decent piece of martyrdom: sacrifice 2500 of your gold to give 900 of it to the carry. {{item:3504}} **Ardent Censer** is overshadowed by Mikael's Crucible. Mikaels is the best support item, and after you get it, CDR and mana regen from Censer feel superfluous, and you have better items to aim for. The only solution here is either an AP buff to 60, or a nerf to Mikael's Crucible. Otherwise these two items are competeing in a very similar niche. {{item:3023}} **Twin Shadows** are inferior to Morellonomicon in the middle lane and a very luxury item for supports. Perhaps giving it 20% CDR, or more MS, or making the ghosts reveal stealthed champions would put it in a right place. Until then, Twins will remain unsatisfying and inferior to the usual CDR items. {{item:3172}} **Zephyr** is alright as a boots replacement for AD champions, but its components do not grant the stats that people buy it for (MS and Tenacity). Tweaking Stinger or replacing it with Zeal could be one way to go. {{item:3091}} **Wit's End** is overshadowed by other, similar items: Devourer and BotRK are better as one-item wonders, and Hexdrinker/Malmortius feel like a better DPS-MR item. As a "rushable" item, it deserves a mid-tier MR component. Building from Hexdrinker or QSS (or a new Dagger + Null-Magic Mantle item with MR shred or MR buildup) would make it quite strong and perhaps open up some new interesting builds. {{item:3508}} **Essence Reaver** is just "meh". By the time it's assembled, you have mana from Triforce, Tear or Muramana. Building from The Brutalizer would make it better, but potentially abusive on Pantheon, so it's probably doomed to be bad. One way to balance it could be changing the mana restoration passive to work on kills/assists (like Athene's). #VIII. The One Item That Could {{item:3800}} Righteous Glory sits at a decent pick rate and is even seen in competitve games. Against preseason predictions, though, which prophesized the return of toplane Olaf, it's mostly a support/tank item, temporarily overshadowed by the Cinderhulk builds. #|X. What Has Changed This is the second time I post this. After the first thread back in February, Riot has buffed Raptor's Cloak (40 armor, up from 30) and Zz'Rot Portal (60 armor and MR, up from 50). This, however, changed nothing about the least used item in the game, Ohmwrecker, and even with the stat buff Zz'Rot Portal is not a viable item. I believe this proves it's the active effects that need attention. --- #X. Summary In the world of skillshots and mobility, strategy becomes a secondary subject in general, and forget about having a diversity in strategical approaches to the game. Season 5 was meant to provide tools to execute various strategies, but these tools are so rarely used it's hard to say if they're fullfilling their purpose at all. Personally my biggest problem with lack of strategical diversity is how every single team has to have a ranged AD Carry, and it's impossible to have a melee one instead. Every other class - mage, assassin, tank, fighter, support - can be left out, but ranged ADCs are irreplaceable. To a lesser extent, similar problems emerge in competitve play in all roles, which leads to every lane having a very limited set of "top picks" since it's much more about individual champion performance than their interactions with teammates. Even when a crazy "meta shift" appears - such as the current Smite Teleport toplane - it only changes the top performers in a predefined role, instead of presenting an alternative metagame. Back to the track, though - Ohmwrecker and Zz'Rot Portal are extremely underused and that might be a call to shake things up.
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