Skins should never give an advantage

So I played vs a Yasuo the other day which had this nice Project skin and I noticed his 3rd Q buff sound was very muffled and barely noticable compared to his default skin. I actually use the sound to properly respect Yasuo's damage potential if he hits it but with this skin I could hardly hear it at all. Thus giving this skin a noticable advantage over his other skins. I also noticed this with Arcade Sona skin and her DJ skin, her ult sound is barely noticable because it sounds muffled compared to her other skins. In teamfights I often wonder why I can't move etc. Again giving this skin an unfair advantage over other skins I'm sure other skins have issues but these were the most noticable to me. I remember Steel Legion Lux having her E spell barely visible too. So please Riot take sounds into consideration when designing these skins and how it affects the counterplay of these champs.
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