Early Game Kayle Too Weak

I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new Kayle. I played her a lot before her rework and while I do enjoy how she was remade I'm severely struggling with her early game. She's literally useless until she hits 11. Like I cant even remotely farm safely, so by the time I hit 11 I'm down like 80cs because ANY other top laner can 1v1, spank my ass, and kill me without a sweat. "Oh but she's got a super strong late game---" That doesn't really matter if the game ends at 25min. I literally don't ever make it to late game. If it even gets to 25min, then I'm playing catch-up for another 5-8 min to get my farm and items to BE that late-game carry. I guess my questions is.. what the heck do I do? Pretty much every single match-up in top is a nightmare for me. Teemo? Nightmare. Renekton? Nightmare. Fiora? Nightmare. Camille? Nightmare. Illaoi? Nightmare. Riven? Nightmare. Nasus? Nightmare. I get outzoned, outpoked, over powered, and I fall behind so fast. Like there's not 1 top champ that isn't hell for me except maybe Darius. But thats literally it. I really don't know how to play early game other than stay safe under tower, but then I'm still missing out on a lot of cs and so when I do hit my 11 spike, doesn't matter much because I have no items. Any suggestions?
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