@Meddler Please do not remove pre-minion spawn phase.

It's a great time for tabbing & making an analysis of the enemy team and their setup as well as your lane matchup if you had to tend to something between Champion Pick in Lobby and Spawning in. It also _FEELS GOOD_ (notice how that's an important aspect of the game to us **players**) to know you have the option to set up an early ward or funnel your team into the enemy jungle for an invade. This was meant to be a strategy game, not a FPS, quiet windows of opportunity (even if only utilized for something cerebral) are appreciated. ------------------------------------------------ Edit: Link and text for context. https://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/05/red-post-collection-quick-gameplay_4.html "**Is pre-minion spawn phase worth the time it consumes? ** Something we've been talking a bit about lately is whether or not the phase when the spawning platform barrier is down, but minions haven't yet spawned, is worth the time (about a minute) it consumes. On one hand it can sometimes lead to cool invade, warding or counter jungle play. On the other hand most of the time it just results in people placing a ward or two and then alt-tabbing, spamming /dance etc. Been wondering as a result whether we'd be better off removing that phase and getting the game going faster, given it's so often a break in game flow right now. Would need to make a number of adjustments to compensate of course to things like trinket timings, champions who need set up time at camps, effects that support invading/counterjungling (so that's still able to happen in some form) etc. If we were to do so it's not something that would happen until preseason and it's still in the category of something we're thinking about, not something we're committed to doing. Would love to hear your thoughts on the concept."
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