Riot needs to stop overbuffing champions just because they aren’t “meta”

This new habit of slowly overbuffing champs over numerous patches (because they aren’t Meta) is really dumb. Look at Garen. This guy is a monstrosity right now. His villain mechanic is incredibly unfun to play against. You basically get punished for trying to carry the game. once that mark is on you, he can be 0-4 and a level down but he will almost instantly delete you with q/ult, especially if he has tri force. Garen has been getting buff after buff after buff every few patches for like a year now .. Udyr and Zed have also gotten similar treatment. Zed can now be 1-9, and miss almost everything and still oneshot you (yes that exact scenario did happen to me recently). Meanwhile Udyr’s level 2/3 is probably more insane than Talon’s.. No body plays Udyr but he’s honestly strong as fuck.
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