Adc sucks meme is back

It's back. The adc items killed them. They aren't being taken nearly as much in pro play. Only 32% of games. Time to break out ziggs. Also if your a twitch, graves, kindred, or ezreal jg main, well you also need to find a new jg. The problem is they lack a good first item. At least tryndamere has crit and yasuo doesn't build ie first to begin with but adc's always rush it unless they build mostly flat ad like mf. She still likes having a little bit of crit because her ult and q can crit. The first part of the q doesnt even need to kill if you have crit and it will crit on the second target if it crits on the first target. We also have Lucian who also mostly uses abilities and jhin whodoesn't crit unless it's the last shot. His damage scales with crit, as and ad. So do you thing the S7 meme is back where adc's suck. This time its not assassins, it's riot having replaced their balance team with idiots causing this issue.
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