What if we could bet on-games. What if games had prize pools for spectators and players. Would the game be the same? **Remember arcades?** coins go in, prize comes out. Riot, what if you used crypto-coins which was eligible for trade-in for real cash, (and none of that 10,000 for $5 BS, im talking coin for coin, like 1 gold coin as 1 good USD). What if you had a level 100 minimum requirement to bet? A real summoner in the League of Legends. Everybody, I think RIOT can figure something out if they really wanted to. sidenote: I think that new clash mode is a knockoff because the prizes are weak. I mean the idea and feeling of competing in and winning a tournament is cool, but theres no real gain. Its a game yea yea yea, but its a videogame. At least sports you get that real world experience. Here.... nothing. IDC personally, but I feel like we are one, already addicted to playing pvp games. Two, they are already played for money. Three, everyone wants a feeling of respect and matter when they are online. Arguments? Questions, comments, concerns? BurRITO PLZ!

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