My Biggest Fear with the Ezreal Rework is...

My biggest fear with the Ezreal rework riot announced earlier today is they aren't going to do anything about his Q. So why worry about the Q? Simply put that in the history of League, nothing has broken more things and items in the game than Ez's Q. His Q has gotten a lot of on-hit items deleted, nerfed, or reworks. It's why on-hit champs can't have nice things. While I don't hate it, the fact that it applies on-hit effects really has to go. One of the things about these VGUs is they are supposed to fix the most broken aspects of a champ and the on-hit application of his Q has broken too much in the past. It has to go and this is riot's best chance to do something about it for the next few years. If he needs power added to his kit without it, fine, but his Q breaks too many things.
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