Why not...instead of buffing every ADC in the game and make them toxic, nerf lucain?

That dude {{champion:236}} can just eat in one combo with PTA more than 75% HP of any type of squishy in game from start to the end of game. So maybe maybe use the brain that God have give you and instead of buffing {{champion:67}} to be beyond toxic level while buffing other ADC which mostly 100% by the rate of last year changes you made going to make them beyond toxic aswell. Just why not just gut down {{champion:236}} ? A champion with over 33% pickrate and 54% winrate that clearly say he unhealthy champion. But right God forbid if it was {{champion:62}} or {{champion:83}} or some champion that isn't favorite by you guys, he would got his hard nerf the second day he got such numbers.
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