Riot can you remind us of what a marksman should do and their general strong and weak points

And tell us if they are meeting the supposed concepts of their role in general. I have always heard they are a class with a weak early game and fairly dependent on items over levels for their overall power. Generally bad at dueling against fighters but in a team fight able to put out consistently high DPS that counters tank builds better the others making them something to protect. They are good for sieging but prone to getting assassinated. Is my overall description correct for the general pros and cons of marksmen? Are these pros and cons being properly maintained given the high amount of marksmen being played? This is relevant to the 2 or 3 appearing often on teams. This does also include their items. I am not saying all marksmen will have the same exact pros and cons to the same level, that is what allows for champs within their class to differ from one another but as a whole it seems like they are overwhelming other classes which would tend to suggest some kind of imbalance for the class in general.
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