The Crit Changes are worse that when we started

Oh boy was this great. When I first looked at the crit changes I was excited! There supposedly would be a less easier way to build crits and that would've been much better than what things are right now. I was sooooo wrong. Today I played with a Yasuo. Didn't think much of it because its a yas player. I know how to deal with those. Come mid and late game he was decently behind but he was still insane to deal with. I took a quick peek at his build and haha! He had one Zeal {{item:3086}} and an IE {{item:3031}} and had freaking 80% crit chance. He then built into frozen {{item:3022}} and Stormrazor and freaking Essence Reaver {{item:3508}}. No one could stand up to him not even as a team. His wind wall was up so often that he could get two up at once. No mage could stop him and no adc could either and us tanks couldn't defend our back line because it was all slows for us and speed for him. Like what the hell Rito???? I swear they love Yasuo way too much. and the hell is with all of the true damage???? No tank could stand to him and we had a Zac and Mundo tanking. What the hell Rito. What the actual hell?
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