When I play darius I become a toxic player.

It only happens if I play darius. Normally I just /mute all and play my game if people are flaming each other or they are toxic players. Dont give a shit about my teammates k-d-a or enemy fed champs. I just focus the game and do my job if we win we win or we lose doesn't matter. but.... when I play darius, I don't know why but I become toxic. Whenever I play darius, I just dont give a shit about winning. I just mess around, dunk people, flame hard, if I see somebody doesnt deserve the win O start int. feeding and punish that player, etc etc. Don't know why man. I like playing darius just because I like champs without low mobility but high damage. But just because of this reason, I don't play him anymore. Because I know im gonna go full toxic..... anyone has that habbit on any champ? or it is just me?
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