@Riot - I am going to intentionally throw games to show you why it should be banned - P5 player

I'm Plat 5, and I am going to do it in ranked games. Every single game my allies leave me for dead. I am going to return the favor to them, and I won't stop until you make this a bannable offense. And I don't mean a days suspension, I don't mean a two days suspension, and I don't mean a week or a two week suspension, I don't mean banned until the end of the season. I mean banned. Unable to continue playing on this account. Indefinitely. I have tried numerous time. I have written numerous threads. I have never gotten a single response from your behavioral or development team with an agreement to fix this issue. I will personally show you why players should be banned for refusing to participate, and leaving their allies left for dead. Certainly you are going to ban me for doing this, and you most likely won't fix the issue. Why is that? Because I am acknowledging that I am doing it. Each and every day, people are doing it without acknowledging it, and you see that as ok. They have the opportunity to claim that they are not doing it intentionally, or they're doing it because they're unskilled, or they don't know any better. Bullshit. Bull fucking shit. Who the hell gets carried to Plat? Who the hell doesn't have to utilize the gray matter between their ears to advance in this god forsaken hell hole. I have to grind so fucking stressfully through multiple divisions, and the problem in which I initially protested, still exists. There isn't a single person in the Plat division, OR THE GOLD Division for that matter, who doesn't realize that abandoning their comrade in an engagement, is a disadvantage play. YET they do it, again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. This is intentional game throwing, because the people realize that they are NOT making an advantageous play. Yet you don't seem to give a SHIT about it. I have never done this EVER, because I came to the conclusion six fucking years ago that it is game changing, and thus is intentionally game throwing. Yet I am going to do it now, because you must make a change to it. Your community is fucking garbage because you allow this to happen. And I have said before in the numerous fucking emails to your support staff. This is DIRECTLY linked to toxicity. You remove one, you remove the other. They go hand-in-fucking-glove. You just punish people for being toxic, when they have the most fucking legitimate reasons for being so. Yet you adamantly refuse to solve the initial problem of WHY they are being toxic. As I have said before, the ball is in your fucking court. I really hope to God you fucking do something about it.
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