Placements HAVE TO change next year.

Friends list: 5-5 Silver 3-->Bronze 3 7-3 Bronze 5 (don't know about his last season) 9-1 Bronze 5 (no excuse for this one) 6-4 Gold 4 --> Silver 4 Me: 2-8 Last season in placements, get B1 while averaging 3-9-5 as Yi (I started ranked wayyy before I was ready). This year, 4-6 placements, Bronze 5. There have been lots of complaints about this. Next year, the "soft-reset" needs a change. I'm not saying that you should completely ignore last season. No, I don't want Bronzies getting lucky and going 10-0 and ending up in Gold or Plat, but 9-1 should never be Bronze-anything. It should be something like, if you were X, and you won 4 games, you will end up at least at X. (doesn't need to be exactly like that)
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